“Flash iOS Apps Cookbook” Review

April 10th, 2012

Flash iOS Apps Cookbook


Written by Christopher Caleb an experienced lead Flash developer, this book Flash iOS Apps Cookbook is ideal for flash developers beginners or experienced who want to start making games or apps  for the iOS.  This book will give you the basic information you need to write and distribute your own native iOS applications using Flash. Become a registered iOS developer and learn how to install apps on an iPhone for testing. You will learn how to build an iOS app and how to port an existing flash project to iOS.

There’s a lot to learn when starting to develop for a mobile platform, and personally I was really suprised to discover all the little tricks and differences between developing an app for iOS and the Android OS. From preventing screen idle to handling multitasking and exiting gracefully from an app in Chapter 3. You will learn how to handle touch and multi-touch events and the swipe gesture made popular by the iPhone. In Chapter 6 the author explains the differences between Graphics and Hardware Acceleration, vector and bitmap graphics, how to perform bitmap animations with ActionScript using sprite sheets.

Learn how to adapt your content to different screen resolutions, target the retina display and more:

  • Geolocation and Accelerometer APIs
  • Camera and Microphone Support
  • Rendering Web Pages within your apps
  • Working with Video and Audio
  • Connectivity, Persistence, and URI Schemes

If you want to start making flash AIR app for the iOS Flash iOS Apps Cookbook is the cookbook you are looking for.

Oooops World!

January 9th, 2012

Oooops World! Permanent work in progress! Check my games.